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FN81 series 0.3PITCH H0.9後掀

类别:0.3mmFPC连接器日期:2019-12-05 09:26

FN81 series 0.3PITCH H0.9後掀

Product description / 产品规格

0.30mm pitch H=0.9 Back Flip Right-Angle SMT FFC/FPC Connectors

FFC/FPC连接器0.3间距 高度0.9  后掀式Right-Angle SMT

Replace Hirose FH39


Features / 特色

·         FN81 Series 0.30mm above the board.

·         0.9mm Height

·         FPC zero insertion force and high retention force.


Application / 应用

Smartphone , Tablet PCs / Notebook PCs, DSCs / DVCs, Audio Players etc.